I was stressing Halloween this year; none of my ideas seemed good enough. I was ready to throw in the towel and go as a panda or something, but my sweetheart wanted a creative couple costume, so the wheels kept turning. It came to me out of nowhere, a fairly clever idea, if I may say so: N as Pascal from the Red Balloon. I would go as the Banksy girl reaching for a red heart-shaped balloon.

That started to seem a little complex, and when we re-watched the Red Balloon so that N could get in character, I decided I would go as Sabine, the girl with the blue balloon. She's really only in the movie for a few moments, but I thought it would be cute. Though the actors playing Pascal and Sabine are siblings, in the movie there seems to be a bit of a young romantic vibe between the two.

N's costume: Sweater, sweatpants, shoes: Thrifted
My costume: Sweater: Hand-me-down from a friend; Skirt: Thrifted; Shoes: Amazon