I've become sort of a pants girl. For a while I swore them off, but dressing for the workplace is tough--my skirt hems tend to be little short, so while my office is casual, I'm sticking with pants and my longer skirts for the time being. I've finally found my (near) perfect pair of paints: Urban Outfitters' BDG High-Rise Cigarette Jeans. (I also have a pair of the High-Rise twig jeans, which have a narrower leg opening. I prefer the cigarette, but the twig is fine, too.)

I'd say in general, I'm having sort of a crisis in my personal style identity. With the dreary fall weather setting in, I don't feel like wearing bright colors anymore. I spent an hour drooling over Zara's collection, wondering if I should get rid of my wardrobe and stick to neutrals and classy, sophisticated pieces instead.

For now, I'm all about a uniform of lacy, feminine tops, cozy cardigans, pants, and a good book. I'm not quite sure that Taipei deserves that adjective

I had a few beers while watching the Rays game and couldn't help taking my picture with John Wayne in the bathroom. Our season is sadly over, but the night this photo was taken--the sole Rays win in the ALDS--will live on in my heart.

Cardigan: Thrifted
Top: Finders Keepers (consignment boutique, ATL)
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Flats: Target